Several times a year we fly to Canada with potential buyers to see the lots we offer.

Sequence of events during the inspection week

  • Day 1: Arrival in southern Nova Scotia (accommodation in the house at the lake)
  • Day 2-3: Lot inspection with personal tour
  • Day 4-5: Canoe tour, flying over the lots, fishing, excursion, barbecue
  • Day 6: Departure

During the week we will try to show every potential buyer “their” selected or reserved lots. We fly with Condor via Frankfurt to Halifax, flights via London are also possible. Other variants with the meeting point in Halifax are possible in principle. In addition, the houses built by our buyers are visited to show the opportunities of building a house in Canada. In the remaining time, depending on desire and mood, and also on the weather, there will be additional activities to get to know the land and people in this area better.


Information and inspection week prices

  • Each participant has to pay the ticket price to the travel agency prior to the journey. Airfare from approx. € 700, –
  • Depending on the number of participants, we will provide a sufficient number of rental cars. It is our goal to use one car for about persons, that is why an amount of about € 100.- of car costs per person a week is due.
  • An accommodation for up to 8 persons is possible in our homes during the week. Each participant or couple will be accommodated in their own room.
  • Catering costs incurred include food and beverage costs, either for buying food for breakfast and grilling or for restaurant visits.
  • Since over the past years several people had spent a week in Canada with us without the intent to purchase property, we now charge all members of the group with an expense contribution fee of € 1,000.-. This contribution will be deducted from the purchase price in full when you purchase the land. Additionally, it is possible to reserve a lot to the end of the trip to Canada. Our work and the stay in our houses is therefore free for buyers, since the entire amount will be deducted from the purchase price when the land is purchased.

Next inspection appointment

September 29 to 6./7. October 2019
Flight via Frankfurt to Halifax

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